Three Types of Keyless Locks for Office Doors

Security is the most important aspect to consider when purchasing office door locks for your commercial space. Poor measures will lead to burglary and vandalism from thieves and disgruntled former employees. There are diverse types of locks in terms of brand, method of entry and costs in the market; consult with commercial locksmiths to learn about specific options available.

One of the styles gaining popularity in the commercial world is the keyless entry. It is favourable choice because, as the name implies, a traditional key is not required. This means that you will not experience insecurity due to key loss, theft or unauthorised duplication. In addition, you can make savings since re-keying and replacement will be virtually unnecessary. If you are thinking about installing a keyless lock, here are the main types to consider.

Biometric Locks

A biometric lock system uses a genetic trait to operate the door. It is a secure and convenient measure because the hallmarks are unique to every individual. Moreover, the employees cannot lose or misplace their means of opening and locking the door. The most popular type of biometric lock is the fingerprint scan system. These are designed to convert the ridge patterns of the finger into data which is transformed into a code. High-quality locks are capable of storing data from several people; therefore, they are ideal for large and personal offices. In addition, the fingerprint memory can be modified by adding or deleting an individual's information. This means you can make changes depending on the requirements.

Pushbutton Locks

Pushbutton locks are generally digital deadbolts or mortise locks which require a code for access. They are secure and considerably cheaper than the fingerprint alternatives. There are many types of pushbutton locks because the system is popular. Ideally, you should choose a lock which offers easy programming so that you can add or delete codes depending on the authorised personnel. You can also choose a brand which allows storage of several codes. You should note that the quality of locks varies widely so ensure the manufacturer and your supplier are reputable.

Remote Control Lock

The remote control sensor lock is similar to the keyless locks used for cars. Generally, these doors can be operated using a radio signal from a fob when you are in close proximity. These keyless locks are not popular for office doors, but they are viable if you want convenience. Alternatively, you can choose a lock synced with your smartphone for your private office. You will be able control your entry via Bluetooth and you will receive a notification in case of unauthorised entry.