Why Call a Locksmith When You Want to Upgrade Locks or Doors on Your Home?

Adding a new lock or installing a new security door may seem like a simple task for a homeowner with a few tools and a bit of know-how. However, these jobs are usually best left to a professional locksmith, such as Local Locksmiths, no matter the type of lock or door you're installing. Before you try to swap out the door locks or put on a new deadbolt or do anything else to the entryways of your home, note why a professional locksmith should be called instead.

1. Doors are only as strong as their frame

A security storm door or screen door may be made of thick metal and come with heavy-duty locks or deadbolts, and this may make you feel very secure. However, doors are only as strong as their frame. If someone tries to kick in a door, it's usually the frame that comes away from the home's structure so that the door comes down. If you purchase a new security door without a new frame, a locksmith can evaluate your home's doorframe and note if it needs upgrading or any improvements. They can also ensure that a security door with a frame will be installed so that it's level and even; failing to do this can weaken it so that it's easier to pry open or just force open.

2. Deadbolts are only as strong as their connections

As with doors, deadbolts are only as strong as their connections. If you don't fasten deadbolts correctly to your doorframe, the deadbolt's strength is compromised. Screws, like doorframes, need to be installed so that they're level and even. The holes already drilled for an old deadbolt may be too large and not offer a secure fit, and you may not realize this during the installation. Since a poor quality job in installing a deadbolt can compromise its strength, it's good to have a locksmith do this for you.

3. A locksmith might offer suggestions for improvements in your home's security

Another good reason to have a locksmith upgrade the locks or doors to your home's entryway is that they might offer suggestions for improvements to your home's security. They may realize that the deadbolt you've chosen is very flimsy, or note that your home's doorframe is warped due to age and in turn, your current door is not very secure. Their advice can help you determine the best way to keep your home safe.