Shopping for gun safes in Queensland

Choosing the right safe for secure storage is a crucial part of firearms ownership in Queensland, with heavy fines and possible imprisonment for those who fail to follow the strict regulations set out by the government. Here is a simple guide to help you purchase the right safe for your firearms:

Handgun Safes

Small household safes, generally used to store important documents and valuables, can be co-opted to store handguns. However, before purchasing a basic safe you need to make sure  it fits with Queensland firearms regulations.

The law requires that a safe used to store handguns be made of solid steel and be secured to the walls or floor of the building. Fortunately most safes fit this bill, as a safe that can simply be picked up and carried away by a burglar is not very useful. However, if you are storing ammunition as well, it must be in a compartment that can lock independently to the main safe, or in a separate safe of its own. Specialty handgun safes will often have a lockable compartment, but it may still be cheaper to buy two separate safes. Safes must also be secured somewhere out of sight, such as under a bed or inside a wardrobe.

Rifle Safes

For rifles there are few options for non-specialized safes that will be tall enough to fit one or more rifles. Note that rifles fitting into the A, B, and C categories of Queensland firearms regulations have fewer restrictions on what safes can be used compared to handguns, the key difference being that the safe doesn't need to be bolted to the floor if it weighs more than 150 kilograms. If you are able to discretely store a safe tall enough to hold your rifles then a standard home safe will suffice, but the odds of you saving money when compared to a specialty rifle safe are slim. And again, if you are storing ammunition it must be in a locked compartment or a safe of its own, so keep that in mind when shopping.

Where to Buy

Now that you have an idea of what kind of safe to buy, you need to decide where to buy it from. As with most things safes can be purchased online, but it's worth your while to look at local stores first, such as Axcess Locksmiths. Shopping locally will save you money on shipping costs, as heavy safes are often quite expensive to transport, and will allow you to work out just how your firearms will fit into it and how you will secure it to the building (if need be). If there is no safe retailer in your area you can often find safes at a hardware or hunting supply store. Failing that, there may be used safes for sale in your local personal ads or bulletin board.

By following this guide you ensure that purchasing the appropriate safe for your handguns or rifles is a quick, simple process.