How Do You Know When to Call a Locksmith for Your Home?

Being locked out of your home in the middle of the night is not the only time you may need to call a locksmith. These professionals do much more than just get you in when you've lost your keys or locked them inside the house. You may be surprised to know when it's good to call a locksmith in order to keep your home secure. Consider the following.

1. When locks start to get sticky

In the same way that parts under the hood of your car may be breaking down even though the car still runs, once your locks start to get sticky, they too are breaking down even though you may be able to still turn the key.

Very often sticky locks have pins or tumblers inside that are beginning to break down or warp. These pins or tumblers get lined up in way that matches you key and this is what allows you to turn the lock and open the door. When they start to break down, they don't line up as easily and the lock may not turn. If you ignore this problem, the key may break off in the lock or the pins may break altogether, and the lock won't open or close.

2. When deadbolts don't seem to work properly

If you've installed a new door or new deadbolts on your own, you may notice that the deadbolt doesn't seem to work properly or may even allow your door to come open when in place. This is often due to poor installation; the bolt needs to fully extend into the hole in the doorframe and fit properly in order to be secure.

If the deadbolt doesn't fully extend because the hole for it has been drilled too short, or the bolt has room to slide around, it may not keep the door secure. If the fit is too snug, the bolt may not be able to fully extend. Have a locksmith check the deadbolt and refit it if necessary.

3. When you need security inside the home

A locksmith can install a new safe in a wall or floor of your home, and in many cases, also install motion detectors and security systems in the home. These can help to increase security in case an intruder does get past your outside locks. You can know that your most valuable possessions are locked up in a safe or you can be alerted to motion or activity in the home, rather than just outside.