How to Increase The Safety of Your House

Can you think of anyone more fit to give home safety tips than experienced locksmiths? They have tons of knowledge in areas such as repairing and making security systems for your house, and with their extensive expertise in home security, the advice of an experienced locksmith should be taken into account. Here are a few tips from professional locksmiths on how to feel safer in your own home.

Newly-purchased homes

When you purchase a new house for your family, perhaps the most important security system to replace is the key and locks. Make sure to replace any locks and keys that are present in your house; including window locks, door locks, basement access locks, etc. It's possible that the previous owners gave away key copies to their relatives or trusted friends for easier access to their house, which means that you may end up with uninvited guests in your house.

When going about replacing the locks you can either re-key them so the older key no longer fits in the lock, or you can spend a few more dollars on replacing the lock completely for an added amount of security.

Installing deadbolt locks

One of the most advanced home security systems you could install on your door is a deadbolt lock. While deadbolt locks provide the highest amount of home security, its installation must be done by a professional locksmith to ensure there weren't any mistakes during the installation process. If you hire an individual contractor and he fails to install it correctly, your house could easily be broken into by a burglar.

Locking systems for your windows

If you have chosen to install deadbolts on your doors, make sure your windows are properly secured as well. It wouldn't make sense to install top security deadbolt locks on your doors and have your windows defenceless. No thief would bother to break down the deadbolt when he can easily open a window and get in that way. You could avoid this by installing double cylinder locks on your windows.

Hiding places for your keys

It's also extremely important that you don't hide your keys in common places, or a thief may easily find your keys and simply walk into your house. Hiding your key under the door mat is a bad idea. Fake rocks, mailboxes, pots or planters are also places where you should avoid hiding your keys. Locksmiths recommend that you find an unusual and protective hiding place or that you give your key to a trusted neighbour instead. And if you're particularly concerned about using keys, installing a key-less security system could be the answer.