3 Reasons to Opt for a Fireproof Safe Instead of a Bank’s Safety Deposit Box

If you want to ensure that certain documents or items are kept free from danger, you might find yourself having to decide between a fireproof safe and one of the safety deposit boxes at your local bank. Both options can provide outstanding security, both against the risk of theft and the risk of fire, so selecting the right option to meet your needs can be more than a little bit tricky.

Ultimately, a fireproof safe will probably win out thanks to one main reason: convenience. Here are just three reasons a fireproof safe is a lot more convenient to use than a safety deposit box at your local bank.

1. 24/7 Access Without the Drive

The major drawback with using one of a bank's safety deposit boxes is that you won't be able to access your belongings whenever you want. It's probably going to be hard to find a bank that offers round-the-clock access to safety deposit boxes, and you might even find that you need to head further afield from your own local bank to find one that can even provide a safety deposit box.

This issue is compounded by the fact that you often need to store things that are needed at a moment's notice. It's only generally in the movies that people drop of bundles of banknotes to be kept for years on end; things like passports and birth certifications can be needed for their numbers, or your wife might like her jewellery one night out of the blue.

Of course, using a fireproof safe will deliver the protection you get from a safety deposit box, but you'll be able to take objects in and out at will without even leaving your home.

2. Cost is a One-Time Concern

Though anytime-access is the main draw when it comes to fireproof safes, that isn't the only thing that makes them so convenient. Another advantage they hold is that you'll only ever have to deal with the one upfront payment. In contrast, monthly or yearly fees are charged for a safety deposit box, representing one more bill that you have to deal with.

3. No Need for Court Orders

Finally, consider the fact that not everyone can open a safety deposit box. It might not be something you want to think about, but family members will usually need a court order, or to wait until the estate has been settled, to access the box in the event of your death. That could cause significant delays since many of the necessary documents will be kept within the safety deposit box. With a fireproof safe, people can call a locksmith if you haven't given them the combination previously.

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