Three Services You Didn’t Realise A Locksmith Could Do

A locksmith is the first person that many people call when they are locked out of their home or forgot their keys in their car. However, they offer a lot more than just those two services. Most people only think about a locksmith in their time of need, but there are plenty of non-urgent tasks they can solve for you as well. Here are a few of the most common services a locksmith can do for you that you have probably never even thought about. That way, you are ready the next time their services become relevant to you.

Open Safes

Yes, a locksmith can open padlocks and car doors, but they can also work out the patterns and combinations for old safes. For instance, people who find old family safes may have no idea how to open them or even how to begin working out how to open them, but a locksmith can. If the safe is newer, they might ask you to provide some proof of ownership, or what you expect to find inside, just so that there's no chance of them accidentally helping a burglary. Otherwise, it is a fairly straightforward process. While it might take a bit longer than opening your front door, it is still very doable.

Install Security Systems

Many building contractors and real estate agents use locksmiths to design security systems for their properties, and you can too. They have a range of different equipment, and not just when it comes to your door. In general, locksmiths can help with all the latest CCTV cameras, alarms, glass monitoring and even fire alarms. If you are moving into a new property or building a house and haven't thought about your security, talk to a locksmith and they will be happy to consult on the project for you.

Open Antiques

A lot of older chests, drawers, cupboards and jewellery boxes have tiny little keyholes with keys that have long been lost to the depths of time. You don't want to ruin the entire material by breaking open an old, wooden chest, so having a locksmith open it for you can be a great help to preserve family heirlooms. You can also ask them to replace the key. If the keyhole is too old or impossible to duplicate, they will just advise you to leave it unlocked for future use. 

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