How to Increase The Safety of Your House

Can you think of anyone more fit to give home safety tips than experienced locksmiths? They have tons of knowledge in areas such as repairing and making security systems for your house, and with their extensive expertise in home security, the advice of an experienced locksmith should be taken into account. Here are a few tips from professional locksmiths on how to feel safer in your own home. Newly-purchased homes Read More 

Using Alarms, Codes and Locks to Keep Your Out-of-Control Teen Safe

Raising a teenager can be challenging, but if your teen seems to be out of control, it can be even harder. You may find yourself considering things that you had never imagined you would do as a parent. However, in dire circumstances, seemingly extreme measures sometimes become necessary. If your teen is lying about their whereabouts, sneaking out of the house or doing other things that are against your rules, a strategic use of security alarms, codes and locks can help. Read More 

Making Your Home Safe for a Loved One With Dementia: Five Essential Tips on Installing, Removing and Strengthening Locks

When a loved one has dementia, they face a number of physical risks to their safety. If your loved one lives with you or lives at home with a caretaker, there are many steps you can take to help make them safer. In particular, you can add locks to certain places, remove locks from other places and modify the locks in yet other places. Take a look at these tips: Read More 

Three Types of Keyless Locks for Office Doors

Security is the most important aspect to consider when purchasing office door locks for your commercial space. Poor measures will lead to burglary and vandalism from thieves and disgruntled former employees. There are diverse types of locks in terms of brand, method of entry and costs in the market; consult with commercial locksmiths to learn about specific options available. One of the styles gaining popularity in the commercial world is the keyless entry. Read More 

Shopping for gun safes in Queensland

Choosing the right safe for secure storage is a crucial part of firearms ownership in Queensland, with heavy fines and possible imprisonment for those who fail to follow the strict regulations set out by the government. Here is a simple guide to help you purchase the right safe for your firearms: Handgun Safes Small household safes, generally used to store important documents and valuables, can be co-opted to store handguns. However, before purchasing a basic safe you need to make sure  it fits with Queensland firearms regulations. Read More