Shopping for gun safes in Queensland

Choosing the right safe for secure storage is a crucial part of firearms ownership in Queensland, with heavy fines and possible imprisonment for those who fail to follow the strict regulations set out by the government. Here is a simple guide to help you purchase the right safe for your firearms: Handgun Safes Small household safes, generally used to store important documents and valuables, can be co-opted to store handguns. However, before purchasing a basic safe you need to make sure  it fits with Queensland firearms regulations. Read More 

Why Call a Locksmith When You Want to Upgrade Locks or Doors on Your Home?

Adding a new lock or installing a new security door may seem like a simple task for a homeowner with a few tools and a bit of know-how. However, these jobs are usually best left to a professional locksmith, such as Local Locksmiths, no matter the type of lock or door you're installing. Before you try to swap out the door locks or put on a new deadbolt or do anything else to the entryways of your home, note why a professional locksmith should be called instead. Read More 

Tips to Help You Deal with House Key-Related Mishaps

Losing, misplacing or locking your keys in the house can result in a lot of inconveniences if you're unable to contact a locksmith straightaway. Or perhaps, someone tried to break into your house and left you with a faulty door lock that can't open using your keys. Whatever the case, you need to get someone who'll come to your aid in the event of a house key-related problem especially during the holidays or those odd hours of the night. Read More 

What to Know Before Choosing a 24 Hour Locksmith

Locking yourself out of your apartment or car can be one of the most stressful situations, particularly if it's during the middle of the night or on a holiday. But with a 24 hour locksmith you'll have the security of knowing you're only a phone call and short wait away from resolving your problem. Before hiring a locksmith, here's a few things you need to know: 24/7 Service The most obvious benefit to a 24 hour locksmith is having the peace of mind of knowing that no matter what time of day or year, you'll always be able to access your home, car, office, and any other devices that require a key. Read More 

DIY hideaways for your home safe

A safe, properly mounted to the wall or floor of a home, is the best place to store valuables outside of a vault or bank deposit box. Most burglars will find it impossible to remove a safe that has been properly bolted down. For added piece of mind, however, a hideaway can be easily constructed in most homes, stopping robbers and nosy visitors from even knowing a safe is there in the first place. Read More